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Hello, my name is Janet Pearson-Strack.

I paint and draw because it is a passion in my life. Using paint or charcoal to form three dimensional shapes of a flat surface never ceases to amaze me.

I am a retired nurse and now enjoy painting.      
I have studied painting with two teachers. 
My first teachers was Carol Cameron, of  South Holland, Illinois and currently with Mohamed Drisi of Glenwood, Illinois.

People are the most fascinating part of our world. That is why I especially enjoy portrait painting. 
I strive to make my portraits life like and timeless. You will find my most recent portraits on the portrait page of this site.

My potpourri page has charcoal studies and watercolor paintings. I have included oil paintings of still life, landscape and surrealism here too.

Please enjoy yourself while looking at these two pages.

Janet Pearson-Strack  (Artist)